For each product, information on pictures may be provided at various levels of detail.

General Information on Pictures

In the section for general information on pictures, you can list the total number of pictures as well as free text with additional information pertaining to them. Both types of information can be reported together, but also separately.

That a product contains 16 pictures and which of them are in colour, and which are black-and-white, could look as follows.

ONIX 3.0 Short
<b062>10 coloured und 6 b/w illustrations</b062>
ONIX 3.0 Reference
<IllustrationsNote>10 coloured und 6 b/w illustrations</IllustrationsNote>

Picture details per picture type

Publications generally contain a number of pictures of different types. To systematically reflect this, you can provide information on pictures per picture type, in addition to the general information.

In ONIX 3.0, you can create an ancillary content composite for each type of picture, containing the number of pictures of this type, as well as free text for a closer description.

The type of picture is entered in ONIX 3.0 into AncillaryContentType or in x423 . Values for defining the type of pictures in both formats can be found in code list 25. The composite must be repeated for each type of picture.

E. g. a product with four diagrams (activity charts and use case diagrams) and a map (site plan) would be depicted as follows.

ONIX 3.0 short
ONIX 3.0 Reference