Product Links

To make customers aware of products with which customers have a relationship, you can provide so-called product links. Typical product links are electronic editions of print books, translations, prequels, sequels, etc.

Product links are listed in the related product composite. In ONIX 3.0, the type of product link is defined in the ProductRelationCode or x455 using values from code list 51 festgelegt..

To unambiguously identify related products, please always provide the GTIN-13 or ISBN-13 in the product identifier composite. Please ensure that you are selecting the correct ProductIDType or b221 .

• ProductIDType 03 for GTIN-13
• ProductIDType 15 for ISBN-13

Further, you can provide information on the product type of the related product. The fields ProductForm or b012 and ProductFormDetail or b333 are available for this.

The linked product must be listed in Metabooks.

Derived e-book

  • The term “derived e-book” refers to the relationship between an electronic publication and the printed product on which it is based. This serves to make customers interested in the e-book aware of the printed edition of the same work.
  • Further, the product link of the derived e-book plays a special role when determining the title listing fees for Metabooks, since the full fee is due only for the underlying print edition, while the electronic edition derived from it costs only a reduced fee.

The following product link shows by the value 13 as the type of product link that it is an electronic publication derived from a printed book. (derived e-book) The original printed work has the ISBN 9783765745553 and is a hardcover book (product type BB) with a reinforced binding (product form detail B307). If you would like to create a product link from the printed work to the e-book, please use code 27.

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