Warning Labels

Warning Labels

EU warning labels for toys are reported within the ProductFormFeature-Composites, where the ProductFormFeatureType or b334 must be given the code “13”.

The type of warning label is to be coded in ProductFormFeatureValue or b335. Possible codes are found on code list 184.

Depending on the type of warning label, the text of the warning label is to be listed.

CodeType of warningRequired warning text
00No warning
01Carries ‘CE’ logo
02Carries minimum age warning
03Carries EU Toy Safety Directive ‘Unsuitable for children ages 0–3’ warning logo
04Carries EU Toy Safety Directive hazard warningx
05Carries other text associated with toy safetyx
06Material Safety Data Sheet availablex
07Declaration of Conformity availablex

A warning label according to the EU safety directive for toys is to be listed as follows.

ONIX 3.0 Short
 <b336>Mit Gefahren-Warnung laut 
 EU Spielzeug-Sicherheitsrichtlinie</b336>
ONIX 3.0 Reference
 <ProductFormFeatureDescription>Mit Gefahren-Warnung 
 laut EU Spielzeug-Sicherheitsrichtlinie