General Notes

General Notes

Metabooks requirements for ONIX

Generated ONIX files must be valid under DTD. However, we recommend creating files valid under XSD in order to minimise potential mistakes.

The DTD pattern as well as the stricter XSD pattern check the correct structure of your ONIX files. The pattern files may be downloaded at the EDItEUR Website.

To validate ONIX files, you can embed the pattern files in your ONIX files using any XML editor, which generates an appropriate report on maintaining the conventions.

You are also able to download the ONIX code lists in various formats for use in your local systems at the EDItEUR website.

Metabooks Minimum Requirements

Beyond basic ONIX validation, Metabooks requires a minimum set of information. These so-called mandatory fields guarantee a minimum level of quality of the product data and of additional processing by trade partners. Mandatory fields include:

Status relevant Fields

Beyond the mandatory fields, it is possible to reduce your Metabooks title notification fees by managing your data well.

Detailed information on this may be found on the Metabooks information pages regarding our Pricing model.

Processing ONIX title reports on Metabooks

If you are an ONIX notifier and wish to make changes on Metabooks, please take special care that you have implemented the same changes in your publishing house’s system. Otherwise, you may overwrite the items changed on Metabooks the next time you notify ONIX from your system.

An ONIX title notification may include content neither displayed nor editable on Metabooks. The data entry form offers the customary elements, although some fields may be absent. Extensions are carried out continuously, but we are always happy to hear your suggestions.

Recensions, Reviews, and Quotes from Recensions

Recension files and texts provided by the publishing house are stored in Metabooks, but only shown if the publishing house grants written permission to do so.

Activation requires written confirmation for the use of recensions by the publishing house sent to and must include the MB identification number.